Reggie, our food truck

Reggie is our award-winning, flagship food-truck, winning The Best Looking Food Truck in the UK in 2019.

He is a 1975 vintage Ford Transit, and along with our dedicated team of wafflers, is the key to our success at large-scale events.

His full-height bi-folding glass doors reveal our kitchen space, where our chef’s create and serve our tasty waffles to our customers, whether that be attendees of a wedding or conference, members of the public, or ticket-holders to a large-scale festival or event. Need more seating? No problem, Reggie’s pop-up bar turns a seriously handsome food-truck, into a practical seating option too.

We need just 1.5 hours to set Reggie up at your event and we’ll be out of your hair just 45 minutes after we finish serving (if only he was that speedy on the motorway). Reggie can be designed with your branding, from the customer-facing chalk board, to packaging & even a full-body vinyl wrap.

If you’re organising an indoor-event, or a function with a little less space, then check out our Event Cube below. He’s adorably mobile, but can still pack a punch.

Utter Waffle don’t discriminate – you can hire us for your wedding, work lunch, festival, hen-do, bar mitzvah, parents’ evening, coming-out party, hungover Sunday, puppies christening, or even your ‘I can’t be bothered to find an excuse, let’s just eat waffles’ party.

Want to chat about an event you’re organising? Drop us an email on or give the events team a call on 07858568948.